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Creating awareness, creating needs


XO is the Relock Revolution. It is ideal for the Generation On-the-go, a demographic that is extremely active (travel, adventure, activities), health-conscious and comfortable with Social Media. To reach consumers worldwide with the XO story, we concentrate on social media to spread the message. We create unique content, which shows the benefits of the XO Can in real and sometimes extreme situations. One 07:30 AM of our storytelling projects is "A day in Tao's life," with Tao representing a typical member of this generation: Successful in his career as a designer, entrepreneur, and two-time double European Champion in Stationary Wave Surfing, he is always on the go. We should probably mention that Tao is also responsible for the design of the XO Slide.

Starting his day, Tao fuels up his energy on the way to his favorite surf spot, Munich's Eisbach, and gets ready to rip the standing wave.
After a great session with his friends, Tao soaks up the sun and rehydrates, watching the other surfers doing their thing.

Time to get to work. To prevent accidents that jeopardize his expensive electronics and priceless sketches, Tao relies on resealable XO Cans to hydrate and stay cool and focused.
xo brand tools
Work's done and Tao needs more action. Waves in the morning, concrete in the afternoon. Tao always plays hard, and quick and easy hydration is essential.

Tao meets with friends and indulges in a few of his favorit drinks. Another perfect day with XO comes to an end.


XOLUTION Germany GmbH is headquartered in Munich, Germany and has separate Sales Offices in the United States and South Korea.