Drop-in concept at filler/co-packer


One of the most important demands in the multi-year development process was the compatibility with existing processes. Once tested with the XO System, existing lines can be used for both SOT and XO interchangeably: SOT R XO R SOT.

Generally speaking, the XO Ends are symmetrically stackable solutions, which cause no problems at feeding and seaming. This avoids major investment to run the system. The basis of the XO End are all standard shell profiles such as B64, CDL/E, CDL/+, ISE, SE, OLOF. We integrated the system within this shell. The opening mechanism on top corresponds to standard requirements of the seaming heads. Most of the technology is hidden under the shell. The XO Ends are also symmetrically stackable and arrive – just as SOT shells - in paper sleeves.

  • Compatible with manual, semi and automatic debaggers
  • Drop-in concept suitable for all industry-standard seamers
  • Diameter 202 platform in B64, CDL+-E, SE, ISE
  • No efficiency loss from SOT R XO R SOT
  • CAPEX: no or minor investment at filling and seaming equipment required
  • No speed reduction at filling
  • Standard filling without process impact

Options to XO System handling in existing filling lines


In today‘s beverage industry, there are two different technologies of debagging:

Definition: the machine operator opens each sleeve manually, and either puts it in a V-chute, or into a vertical pocket holder and then pulls off the sleeve by hand. The feeding of the ends to the seamer works by gravity (simple V-chute) or via a lid pusher.

Manual debagging: Extension

Definition: the machine operator puts the sleeves on a storage table and the debagger automatically cuts and removes the sleeves, then feeds the ends to the feeding line, ready for the seamer.

Automatic debagging

XO Ends run on most of the installed equipment of the main suppliers, but usually minor upgrades are necessary. Upgrade kits for the most common debaggers are available from stock and free of charge to XO customers. Please contact Xolution GmbH for further information.

An XO sleeve will come with roughly 200 XO Ends instead of the more common 600 SOT/LOT shells. Therefore, the operator or the automatic debagger must load 3 times the number of sleeves in the same time frame to maintain the filling speed. On the next page there is an outline of different debagging equipment and the possible filling line speeds when running XO ends. All Information is based on more than 5 years experience collected from production runs all over the world.

Options to XO System handling in existing filling lines


XO Ends run on all standard manual debagger systems. Together with the Suppliers, Xolution has developed modified equipment which allows a higher Manual Debagging speed.

Standard1up to 3up to 35.000
Modified1 or 23 - 635.000 - 70.000

XO Ends run on most standard automatic debagger systems but minor upgrades are mandatory. Max. speed depends on debagger model. Existing systems can debag between 2 and max. 6 sleeves/min. Together with the suppliers of automatic debaggers, Xolution is developing modified equipment which allow a higher Automatic Debagging speed.

Standard0,53 - 623.000 - 70.000
Modified **0,56 - 1093.000

All automatic debagger equipment is also available with buffer systems and fully automatic depalletizers which are suitable for XO Ends.

** Equipment available middle/end of 2017

Using existing filling and seaming equipment at filling lines


Tests have shown filling speeds of up to 2,200 cans/min in existing filling lines. Once the machinery is set up, there will be no changes necessary for the switch from SOT to XO and back. Therefore the XO System can be used without process and volume impact for a wide range of beverages from energy drinks, functional drinks and carbonated soft drinks, iced teas, coffees and beer.

XO meets beverage can industry standards


In order to meet the international beverage can industry standards, a test program comprising at least 17 different procedures has been developed by XO together with XO's industry partners (e. g. can makers, institutes, brands). The purpose is to insure the consumer's health by continuously testing the XO System under existing SOT/LOE shell test parameters while further developing test procedures for resealable ends. Therefore XO has installed a 500m2 area within its headquaters.


XOLUTION Germany GmbH is headquartered in Munich, Germany and has separate Sales Offices in the United States and South Korea.