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XOLUTION GmbH is a Munich, Germany-based company. Founded in 2001, with INVENTAGES Ltd. as a major shareholder, to develop, produce, and supply resealable solutions for the beverage can industry, XO has a fully integrated organization with responsibilities in the areas of R&D, production, laboratory, business development, sales, marketing, and finance. XO installed its first production system for XO2/202 B64 with an annual capacity of 40 million XO Ends at Alpla in Austria. After winning the "Can of the Year" Award in 2008/2009 and extensive R&D and testing, the XO 1.0 was commercially launched in 2013. In 2015, INVENTURE MANAGEMENT joined the corporation with a major investment, enabling XO to perfect and launch the next-generation XO 2.0. A new assembly line type was commissioned to German-based company HEKUMA, enabling XO to scale production capacity up to 1.2 billion XO 2.0 Ends per year. The XO R&D department strives to secure and develop further resealable solutions for the beverage can industry.


XOLUTION GmbH is headquartered in Munich, Germany and has separate Sales Offices in the United States and in Russia.




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